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    Attend Some Kick-Ass Parties, Talks & Film Festivals By A Pune-Based LGBTQ Collective

    Avirat posted on 07 September


    Started in the year, 2014 in Pune as an extension to the Bangalore based collaborative – MIST  by Shyam Konnur is an LGBTQ+ collective with a vision to make India a more inclusive society!

    Tell Me More

    In order to provide a safe and a non-judgemental environment which is acceptable towards LGBTQ+ community, MIST organises Pune’s one of it’s kind parties which are open to everyone irrespective of their sexual orientation!

    These parties always revolve around some unique themes every time. The best part, you may ask? All the parties take you to various locations across Pune! This way you get to know by yourself the best of bars, pubs and discos in the city.

    All the parties and events conducted by MIST have the necessary permissions/orders which makes sure of an absolute risk free environment for their guests!

    Anything Else?

    Apart from organising parties, MIST also undertakes various initiatives in Pune such as, QTAM {Queer Talks and Meets}, QAAF  {Queer Allies and Arts Festival}, PIQFF  {Pune International Queer Film Festival} and a pride store!

    So, We're Saying...

    Whether you are straight, gay, bi or standing anywhere in the spectrum, it’ll never hurt to party till the break of dawn!

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