Pune's Invite-Only Beer & Cocktail Society Is Here & You Should Be A Part Of It

    Divya posted on 15 June


    BarCzar is an exclusive, invite-only ‘craft beer and cocktail society’. Initially started in Mumbai in late 2016, they launched operations in Pune around a month ago. If you’ve ever stared at a cocktail menu and were unsure of what to order, or been keen to try a totally different kind of craft beer but were unsure if it would be too bitter – BarCzar is ideal for you.

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    Founder Karan Gonsalves tells us, that the idea behind BarCzar was to encourage discovery and education of cocktails and craft beers – which are usually the toughest sells for a bar or restaurant. BarCzar is designed to help you try new drinks, through their personally curated list of cocktails, craft beers, and venues on their App. We love that they also include short descriptions of each drink – and even share good food-pairings for them on their social feeds. It’s like having a friend in your pocket, always ready to recommend something new for you to try! BarCzar also hosts offline events like cocktail tastings and pop-ups, exclusively for members – along with brands like Great State Aleworks, Moonshine Meadery, The White Owl, Independence Brewing Company etc. as well as their partner venues. Membership plans start at an affordable INR 1000 per month – which we’re sure you’ll more than make up for, with your 30 free drinks (per month – limited to one free drink per day). To become a member of BarCzar, you can apply via their website or by downloading their App (on iOS or Android). Once you receive your invitation code, you can choose your membership plan and get drinking! Keep in mind that you must be 25+ years old to sign up for membership.

    Anything Else?

    Members also get to invite two friends to join BarCzar, so you won’t ever have to drink alone. For those who are keen on expanding their drink preferences, or are just looking for new things to try – without having buyer’s remorse (as founder Karan puts it) – we think you’ll love BarCzar! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all their latest updates.

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