Baked Beans On Toast, Please: Dine Like An Englishman At These Breakfast Places

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A good start to the day is very important and the very best way to do that, is to have a wholesome brekkie. Also, don't we all have those mornings when you want a fluffy omelette, sausages, baked beans, hash browns and more? So, here's where you can grab the best English breakfast in Pune.

Where Else Diner

Imagine starting your day by digging into perfectly cooked bacon, crispy hash browns and eggs made to your liking. Where else Diner in Viman Nagar offers you exactly that in their scrumptious English breakfast, which you enjoy in the company of cute and friendly Persian cats. You can also get your pet along for a nice morning out.

The English Breakfast is served here all-day and includes eggs made your way, bacon/ham, chicken/pork sausages and baked beans. And, it's priced at INR 345. However, a meal for two will set you back INR 800.

Café Peter

Spread across six different locations throughout Pune, Café Peter has become a boon for all the early risers. Opening at 7 am and offering various healthy and fulfilling plated breakfasts, Café Peter is definitely a go to place for a delicious and satisfactory plate of English breakfast. 

Dig into their Hash Brown omelette, which is their version of an English breakfast. The omelette is stuffed with potatoes, there's chicken salami and cheese too and it's served with hash browns and toast. The plate is for INR 270 and a meal for two will set you back INR 800.


A slight desi-touch to your regular English omelette, Chai offers their foodies masala omelette with their set menu of the traditional English breakfast. But, you can opt for fried eggs too. It indeed is a simple yet yummy twist to the English breakfast that we love so much. The breakfast includes a sausage, baked beans and sauteed vegetables along with a choice of tea, coffee or green tea. That’s not all, this is available throughout the day at any of the Chai outlets in town. The breakfast is priced at INR 230 and a meal for two here will set you back INR 500.


When the name itself gives you an English-vibes, there’s no doubt that their English breakfast will be the best in Pune. A full plate of goodness – as we like to call it, Yolkshire offers all the customary items of an English breakfast. The full breakfast includes 2 egss (poached, fried or scrambled, baked beans, tossed potatoes, chicken sausage along with a creamy caramel pudding and coffee. The full breakfast is priced at INR 280 and a meal for two is for INR 700. So fellas in Aundh, Kothrud and Salunkhe Vihar, do not miss this.


If you're one who doesn't mind a late start to your day, you can head to Mocha in Koregaon Park. The restaurant opens at 11am, making it ideal for a lazy brunch. The English breakfast here includes an omelette, multi-grain toast, potato rosti, sausages, baked beans and a choice of tea or coffee. It's priced at INR 325 and a meal for two here will set you back INR 1,000. But it's all worth the European vibe and beautiful interiors.

Aur Irani Chai

A scrumptious full-fry omelette, French toasts, chicken sausages, baked beans, salami is what the English breakfast at Aur Irani Chai is all about about. Priced at INR 220, this breakfast is one that you can definitely finish up and even get it delivered at home. The best part? You can wash it all down with a hot Irani chai. A meal for two here will set you back INR 500. 

Arbour Kitchen

Located in Kalyani Nagar, Arbour Kitchen is a global cuisine restaurant that serves a delicious English Breakfast. They serve it with an options of two eggs, in any way that you want to get it done. It includes a classic grilled chicken sausages, slow roasted tomatoes, masala beans, roasted mushrooms, bacon and a toast. This breakfast is available on all days from 8am to 7pm at INR 455.  

The Brew Room

If you are living in Kothrud and need a good start to your day, head to the Brew Room near Karishma Complex. They serve some delicious spread on your plate which includes eggs your style, bacon, toast, sausage, parsley potatoes, fresh orange juice and a choice of tea or coffee. They have priced their English Breakfast at INR 450. 

FC Road Social

If you want to treat your hangover, there is no better option than Sid's very posh breakfast at FC Road Social. It's basically their take on the regular English breakfast. Served in a huge tray, it has all the required dishes of an English breakfast such as bacon, hash browns, sausages at INR 340. This is served all day from opening till 7:30 pm. 

Piato Dessert Studio

Known mainly for their desserts, Piato Dessert Studio also serves a delicious English Breakfast. Their plate includes eggs, bacon, baked beans, roasted tomatoes and other things. The price for this breakfast is INR 220. 


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