Curl Up & Read: Buy Your Next Book For Cheap From This Stall

    What Makes It Awesome

    Looking for where you can find a pocket version of Tagore's Gitanjali? Perhaps you want to read more about your favourite author or maybe even buy a magazine. This old stall across SGS Mall is where you can head if you're a bibliophile. The stall has been around for quite some time and the owner tries to collect various titles. What we loved is that none of the books seems tattered or in a poor condition. It's almost as if you're book shopping from a big bookstore. You'll find everything from hardcovers to pocket-sized books, first edition prints that are not pirated copies and we spotted some second-hand books as well. Grab copies of 'The art of not giving a fuck' to classics written by Charles Dickens. Who doesn't love a hard-bound copy of classics like David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol? The stall has books across genres. So whether you'd love to pick up a selection of O'Henry's work or Gandhi's autobiography and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Thousand Years of Solitude, you'll find it at this stall. The owner also has a stack of magazines. Pick up the latest edition of Lonely Planet for lovely travel pieces or perhaps, dive into a political opinion with a copy of India Today.

    How Much Did It Cost

    Under ₹500