Cozy, Scenic and Affordable: Check Out This Quaint Bungalow Near Pune

Ayush Villa

Lonavala, Pune

What Makes it Awesome?

Birthday party at a bar? Boring! If you are looking for a fun night out with your friends to bring in a special occasion, Ayush Villa in Lonavala is the perfect place for you! Take a break from the hustle bustle of the city and drive down to this cozy pool Bungalow for a night to remember.

Established by Rainbow Bungalows, this quaint three-bedroom bungalow is surrounded by scenic views of the hills around and a man made lake. It can accommodate up to ten people and comes with a decent-sized pool. The red bricks of the villa give it a rustic yet unique look from the outside but the inside is very classic and simple. All three bedrooms have washrooms attached and are fully furnished. One of the rooms even have a mezzanine floor with a double bed on top, which makes it easy for four people to stay in the room without any hassle.

The best part? It’s super reasonable and doesn’t burn a whole in your pocket! You can book this villa for just INR 7,000 or INR 8,000 depending on the number of people. If you are looking to have a rager party, don’t worry! This villa comes with a set of amazing speakers, WiFi, television and a double decker fridge to store all your necessities. Not just that there is a caretaker available 24/7 to take care of any emergency needs. On request, he will also stir up some delicious snacks for you.

This villa will not disappoint anyone who is looking to host a killer party on budget. Dance all night and enjoy a beautiful sunrise in the morning! Isn’t that the best way to end a celebration?

What Could Be Better?

It would be great if they had an arrangement for alcohol as well, considering they mostly host birthday parties that go on all night.

Pro Tip

If you are looking to arrange for food on the premises, make sure you give a call to the owner before arriving so that he can inform the caretaker to keep everything ready. Please note that food and beverages are not included in the price mentioned.

Ayush Villa

Lonavala, Pune