Buy Eco Printed Clothing Or Make Your Own, Let This Fashion Label Show You How It’s Done

What Makes It Awesome

Thaapo, as the name suggests is to leave a mark or impression, which is what the technique of eco printing is all about. This environmental-friendly printing uses raw materials from the nature around us without disturbing it. Gathering an assortment of leaves and flowers (such as marigolds, guava leaves, euca leaves and rose petals) that have fallen off the trees, tightly bundling them inside the fabric, steaming or boiling the bundle to release the dye naturally found inside the plant and voila. In this way Thaapo brings alive the dead leaves and flowers on its fabrics. What’s really awesome is that each print created is unique and cannot be repeated because every leaf on this planet is different, even the two sides of the same leaf do not match. Garments made out of this naturally processed fabric also give out a pleasing aroma, which means you can further stay away from more chemicals that make up deodorants and perfumes. Thaapo is riding the bandwagon of slow fashion while making fashionable clothing. We heart the ‘Drape Series’ that fuse sarees with contemporary wear to give you something like a dungaree saree or a gown saree.

Pro Tip

If you would like to print your own garment, you can join one of the workshops conducted by Navnee, who is super generous with sharing her knowledge and learnings on the techniques of eco printing.