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Spend A Peaceful Weekend At Kaas Plateau Amidst Exotic Flora, Just Three Hours From Pune

    What Is It?

    Located at Satara in the western Maharastrian region, Kaas, the plateau of million flowers, is the perfect weekend getaway if you’re looking for a peaceful time in the lap of nature, surrounded by colourful exotic flora, fresh air and a magnificent cool-blue lake to the north of the plateau. Heavenly, isn’t it?

    How Do I Get There?

    Kaas Plateau is 136km from Pune. If you’re driving, take the road towards Satara via NH48. If you want to take public transport, there are a number of trains that run from Pune to Satara station. Kaas is almost 30km from the Satara station.

    What Is So Awesome About It?

    Known as the valley of flowers, Kaas Plateau comes to life during monsoon, especially between August and October. What makes it awesome, you ask? Kaas has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, housing thousands of lesser-known exotic wild flora and endemic life forms. A biodiversity hotspot, Kaas is home to 850 different species of plants, out of which 624 species are on the Red Data Book {IUCN list of threatened species in the world}.

    Untapped and unspoilt, this picturesque plateau drapes itself in yellow, pink, blue and purple flowers with trees standing tall and strong at various corners. Kaas is beyond words! If you know your flowers well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find shrubs such as the karvy and drosera indica in their full bloom. Also look out for carnivorous plants such as the sundew, pitcher and the Venus fly trap.

    We highly recommend you to visit the Thoseghar waterfall, just an hour drive from Kaas.

    So We're Saying...

    Take a break from the city! Spend some quiet time with your significant other at this breathtaking plateau, nestled in the Sahyadris, blanketed with colourful flora and nothing else. Got a proposal in mind? We think Kaas would make for a perfect spot!