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The Chainsmokers Just Dropped A Bomb: They Might Be Coming To India Soon

Editors posted on 19 June


Just in: our favourite EDM-pop band, The Chainsmokers may be coming to India on tour, and they’ve just made our Monday a whole lot better.

What's The Buzz?

Hold on folks, so far the only thing we know is that The Chainsmokers have tweeted out to their fans on Twitter on June 19, 2017 hinting they will be hitting up India and Australia with their current tour.

The announcement reads,”Don’t worry Asia got a lot of announcements coming soon… and you too India and Australia”. We’re no one to jump the guns, but we do think this is a straight up shout out to their Indian fans!

The Chainsmokers have been on their Memories Tour, and fingers crossed, here’s hoping for a multi-city tour.

So, We're Saying...

Baby, pull us closer? Why, we’re glad you asked, Chainsmokers. Now, just go on, announce your festival dates. And unlike many other *ahem* singers who came to India this year, please don’t let us down!