Have A Beach Party & Crash At This Villa In Alibaug For A Weekend

Ccaza Ccomodore

What Makes It Awesome?

If a private pool and a luxurious villa close to the beach sound like a fun thing to do over the weekend, you've got to book this villa. It comes with a pool, can accommodate more than 16 guests and has pretty rooms. Commodore Villa in Alibaug is vacation goals. Located only five-minutes away from Mandwa jetty in Alibaug, it offers luxurious living spaces, cute and picturesque corners. 

You could wake up late, dive into the pool and take a swim before breakfast. But if you're planning a trip with a big group of friends, it's quite ideal too. The villa has five bedrooms that are huge and can easily accommodate three-to-four people in one room. Each room has ample amenities to take care of everything you'll need over the weekend. 

As the villa is close to the jetty, you can have a beach day. Pack a picnic, carry a ball and spend the day playing beach volleyball with your friends. If you can brave the sea, take a swim or at least dip your feet in. We're also all for reliving our childhood, so building sand castles sounds like a fun plan too.

And later, retire for the night at the villa. Carry your own booze, cook up some finger food or have a barbeque. It will also be fun to dive into the pool in the evening, play games in the water and have a pool party.

A night at the Commodore Villa will cost INR 45000 which comes down to INR 2250 per person if you go with a gang of 20. The Commodore villa is also ideal for a trip with your teammates too. 

So go ahead, light a barbeque, take a dip in the pool and relax over the weekend. 


Make your bookings way in advance so you don’t have to struggle with availability issues. 

Ccaza Ccomodore