Lassi, Basundi & Falooda: Visit Shiv Kailash Near Pune Railway Station For An Instant Sugar Rush

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What Makes It Awesome

Shiv Kailash on Sassoon Road is a dessert parlor, which is a paradise for people with a sweet tooth. Sweet and salt lassi, mango lassi, banana lassi and basundi are some of the crowd favourites.

Consistency is the key factor here. Almost everything available here is sweet, and that's the reason I'm in love with this dessert parlor. Cordial staff, instant service and superb food on your table, quite sorted right? Now they have started accepting card payments as well.

The place is so crowded that, I've been visiting this eatery for last the nine-years and I'm yet to find an empty table. Well, that surely explains the popularity of this spot. Plus, dudh masala is a must-try here.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing much, but a bigger sitting space is much needed and will do so much better for the outlet itself.

What's My Pro Tip?

People who don't like to have excess sugar rush while having basundi, falooda or even lassi, kindly avoid this place. Also, they have a free parking space behind the building, making the outlet even better.

Anything Else?

This place is considered to be one of those busy and famous spots in Pune, hence, don't expect the staff to be very friendly, they will push to getting moving as soon as you consume your order on the table, so don't feel bad about that.

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