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We're Digging Brain Flower's Over-Sized, Boho Tops And Dresses


    Two dynamic designers combined their creative energies so they could literally wear their love for art on their sleeve. The effort resulted in oversized shirts, boho dresses and separates that are making us dream of Woodstock.

    Shapeless Is A Shape, No?

    Brain Flower’s bell sleeved and loosey-goosey tops are perfect for holidays that allow us to chase rainbows in corn fields {wearing a floppy hat, of course}.

    It were as if Either Or went to a hippie beach to chill and came back feeling like a bit of a wild child. This is why we’re finding the silhouettes very familiar but with just the right amount of quirk – not a tassle less, not a bead extra.

    We’re liking the shoulder patch and boho feel of this particular kaftan as much as this hot pink one that can perk up the dullest of working weekends.

    Life On The Top Floor

    Our undying love for good-things-that-come-cheap found fitting companions in some of the anti-fit embroidered tops. This tropical off-shoulder top is for INR 1,300 and we’re glad we don’t have to wait for pay day to be able to afford it.

    Similarly, we’re ordering this tie and dye tunic for that trip to Greece {whenever that’ll happen} where we’re going to sip wine overlooking the beach.

    Anyhow, we suggest you sift through the collection here while we sigh some more and plan our next vacation.