Enjoy Your Dining While Revolving In Motion At 360 Degree!

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What Makes It Awesome?

360 Degree has brought a unique concept of revolving in slow motion while dining. This means with every passing minute you revolve and have a different view while you look outside the glass. The restaurant is divided into 3 floors and it's the 9th floor that revolves. The restaurant takes 45 mins to complete on revolution.

The venue had a breathtaking ambience to live it's customers and has an ample seating area. The rooftop area is also nice and gives you a charming atmosphere. You can go there for a date, with family or even large groups.

We friends had been there and had a few mocktails before we took our dinner. We had :

➡ Cranberry virgin mojito
➡ Black beauty
➡ Urban jungle
➡ Guava Mary

I loved the Guava Mary Grasshopper. They were refreshing. Others were good but need to be improved a little.

Starters were an absolute delight here. I loved all of them in both presentation and taste. We had ordered :

➡ Li Paneer Kebab: These were Paneer rolls with cheese infused in it and marinated perfectly. It tasted wow and I would recommit this dish for veg lovers.

➡ Murg Dum Kebab: The star dish of the night. It had succulent pieces of chicken marinated with cheese and spices. It was presented in a small clay pot which made its appearance more attractive.

➡ Chicken fingers: Cheese nuggets cooked well and infused with cheese ❤I loved the crispiness of the nuggets and the taste was lip-smacking.

Filled to the fullest with starters, we ordered the following main course:

➡ Veg Burmese Khowsuey - It is a nice try dish for veggie lovers. A coconut-based gravy dish with veggies served along with garlic noodles with toppings alongside was indeed a treat to eye and stomach. Loved its taste.

➡ Grilled Chicken in Pepper Sauce - The dish I liked the most. It had 2 big pieces of Frilled Chicken served with rice and Pepper sauce.

➡ Murg Musallam - A typical dish whenever you want to try something North Indian. It also tastes nice and had large chunks of Chicken Keema served with rice.

Filled our tummy to the fullest, we decided to order something light for desserts. Because desserts are inseparable.

In a nutshell, I had a wonderful experience at this place. Would surely love to drop down again and spend some time with my kiths and kins.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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