Night Owls, Get Biryani Home Delivered Till 4AM Every Day

    What Did I Like?

    Ever had friends come over last minute or hosted a party that went on for longer than expected? If your answer is yes, then let us tell you, we're all been then and we know just how painful it is to arrange for food, especially when the clock strikes midnight. But even though most of the eateries shut down, you now have a reason to not call it a night just yet. You can now treat yourself and your pals to some delicious biryani that's home-delivered till 4am. Isaq's Midnight Biryani at Kalyani Nagar is our knight in shining armour {duh}. With their mouth-watering mutton, chicken and vegetarian {yes, carnivores, we know what you're thinking} biryani delivered right to your doorstep, you're sure to have something for everyone in the gang. Our personal favourite is their mutton biryani and the tandoori chicken. While they don't serve too many dishes, they get the job done and that too with food that does not disappoint!

    Anything Else?

    What we love most about the place is that their food is affordable and doesn't leave you stifling a craving, no matter how late into the night it is!