Fresh & Natural! Hit These Fruit Juice Centres For A Glass Of Healthy Refreshment, Starting At INR 30

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Whether you wish to start your day with a fresh morning or intend to revive your evening, one glass of fresh fruit juice is a healthy and tasty way to charge you up at any time of the day. Here are places around Pune where you can get fruit juice from.

Fantasy Juice Bar and Snacks

For those who need a partner for their juice, this is the place. They not only provide all basic varieties of fruit juices like mosambi, pineapple, apple, grapes, pomegranate and others, but also a range of quick bites to accompany your favorite juice. Their pineapple and watermelon juice starts at just INR 20 while others start at INR 40. You must try the strawberry milkshake there, many say it’s orgasmic.

Shree Krishna Juice Bar

Juices often taste the best when served in the most natural way, without any added sugar. Shree Krishna does just the same. The juice is neither watered down nor sweetened. And this tryst with natural flavor is available to you at INR 40. Well, it gets better. Try out their watermelon juice to discover little lumps of fresh watermelon which melt in your mouth. Don’t forget to try out their muskmelon juice either.

Fresh Fruit Juices and Milkshakes

Fluid, fruity and refreshing- three words that best describe the juices here. Oh wait, did I forget to add affordable to the list? Well starting at just INR 40, the juices here couldn’t get any tastier. Freshly squeezed, squashed and churned, they give you all varieties of juices ranging from the generic mosambi juice to the rare

Natural Fruit Juice Bar

For those who don’t mind to experiment, this place has something in store for you. The place provides combinations like pomegranate and beetroot juice and pineapple and orange juice giving a twisty and tangy flavor to their juices. That obviously doesn’t mean that they don’t cater to the ones who wish to stick to the basic types. All these combinations as well as basics cost INR 30 only.


For all the fruit lovers, who want a new flavor every day, Fruitizm provides you the variety. They not only have carrot {INR 40} and orange {INR 60} juices but also that of kiwi {INR 90}, amla {INR 30} and black grapes {INR 90}. So you won’t ever get bored. While there, you can also try out their fruit snacks, smoothies and milkshakes.