Get Your Hands On Customised, Hand-Painted Shoes For INR 600


If you’d love to get a pair of hand-painted shoes which are customised to your quirks, tastes and fandoms, hit up Oh Pair Boutique & Stores.

What To Buy

Oh Pair’s catalog includes over 2,000 designs we can choose from. The designers will paint any design we like, including Iron Man, designs inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms, and even a single tomato {if you’re into it}.

They use good old PT shoes, Converse or Vans to paint on. The choice of the shoe depends on the customer and whether or not the design will work on the shoe and its fabric. The shoes {painted with acrylic and fabric paint} are not water-proof, though, so may be buy these after the rains have come to a halt.

So We're Thinking...

There are many options for hand-painted shoes in the market, but the ones designed by Oh Pair, we find, feature the kind of defined and clean designs that make our shoes stand out.

We also think they’re very affordable, at INR 600 upwards, and are an easy and affordable way to jazz up a dull outfit.

Price: INR 600 upwards

Find them on Facebook here {and also place your orders through this page}.