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This Brand Gives Biscuits A Twist With Amaranth Cookies, Buckwheat Gingersnap & More


    Happy Roots is a Pune-based social enterprise, and National award-winning {recipient of the President’s Award for Empowering Rural Communities} food company. They produce fair-trade handcrafted natural snack food products, made by partnering with local small-holding farmers and women from rural areas of India.

    Tell Me More

    Started in 2015 by Reema Sathe, Happy Roots has been working closely with rural communities in Gujarat and Maharashtra, turning them into micro-entrepreneurs. By giving them 50% ownership via ‘co-owned food value chains’, Happy Roots aims to empower these people, creating profitable and sustainable sources of income. Currently, they are partnered with over, 15,000 farmers and 2,000 rural women across Maharashtra. Agricultural allies, Happy Roots works across various levels with the farmers and rural women – but their main business is manufacturing and marketing of marketing of health food products. Right from farming the ingredients to the production process, they are involved in the entire process. When you buy a Happy Roots product, a percentage of the sales go back into developing the skills of these farmers and women. By employing them locally, Happy Roots also protects crop bio-diversity – utilising indigenous/regional produce, some of which are endangered crops and seeds.

    Anything Else?

    Happy Roots launched three new products in October: two more savoury crackers, and a new cookie at the Wassup Flea Market in Baner {6th – 8th Oct}. Come December, they will also introduce fruit pops – dehydrated and flavoured fruits for the urban consumer, on-the-go. We can’t wait to see what else they’ll come up with!

    So, We're Saying...

    Try their savoury crackers and biscuits; high-protein, mineral-rich snacks are exactly what the doctor ordered! On their menu are 100% whole wheat and whey crackers {INR 158}, amaranth and flax seed cookies with coconut {INR 200}, buckwheat gingersnaps {INR 180} and finger-millet and rolled oats cookies {INR 170}. If you’d like a taster sample first, you can order their trial pack with a sampler of each of these baked goods for just INR 65 {shipping cost}. You can place your orders directly through their website, or find them at cafes, supermarkets, and stores across Pune. Also, don’t forget to follow them on Facebook.