Have A Laughter Riot: 10 Stand-Up Comics To Catch Online & Stay Entertained

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Laughter is the best medicine and we badly need this medicine, especially during these tough times. Worry not, we have a list of stand-up comedians who are having special online gigs and shows just to make your stay indoors, a little more fun. While you're staying safe at home, catch these Indian comics online and have a laughter riot.

Rohan Dakate

Don’t we all love a little bit of dark humour? Rohan is a senior software engineer at an MNC who finds peace in cracking people up. He loves his job so much that most of his jokes are dedicated to it and to the plight of being single. You can catch him live all over the city at open mics or watch his clips on YouTube here.

Aayushi Jagad

She is bold, feisty and funny. Aayushi came into the limelight after being a part of India’s first female stand-up comedy reality show called Queens of Comedy. Post the show there was no looking back for her. She has been going all around town since then spreading infectious laughter. Here's where you can check out her content.

Sahil Horane

Known as one of Pune’s most successful comedians, Sahil is alternating his career between the IT sector and comedy for one and a half years now and believes that he has always been a comedian as people have always laughed with him. His jokes hit home and you’ll always find a relatability factor. Catch him live at any of his gigs around the city or watch his clips on YouTube.

Biswa Kalyan Rath

Who doesn't know Biswa? He is witty, funny, sarcastic and sometimes pretty blunt but hey, that's what works for the audience. We highly recommend checking out his special called Sushi on Amazon Prime Video. He narrates what he has observed in our country and gives his point of view on the same with humour.

Kaneez, Nivedita, Prashasti and Supriya

Catch four of India's most promising female comics Kaneez, Nivedita, Prashasti and Supriya share their experiences and observations in the most hilarious way on Netflix's special Ladies Up. There are four episodes with each comic and all of them have a different tale to share.

Sumukhi Suresh

One of India's favourite female comics and creator, Sumukhi Suresh hardly ever fails to make us roll on the floor. Her special called Don't Tell Amma on Amazon Prime Video is a laughter riot that you'll be able to relate with if you grew up with a strict mother. She is funny, honest and very raw. It's a show that you can enjoy with your whole family.

Azeem Banatwala

A part of India's only standing comedy sattire group, East India Comedy, Azeem Banatwala's special called Problems on Amazon Prime will surely make you say "so true". Taking inspiration from the fact that Eminem became famous and rich discussing his life problems via his songs, Azeem tries to do the same with his comedy set.

Anirban Dasgupta

Anirban Dasgupta has been doing comedy for quite sometime now and his stand-up is pretty different from what you may know as normal comedy. His special called "Take It Easy" on Amazon Prime is one of the best available. Not only is the show shot in a different way (in black and white) but the content of his set will also make you relate with him while applauding his writing skills.

Vir Das

The third stand up special of Vir Das on Netflix, For India, has received rave reviews by the audience. In the show, he addresses things he has observed in India that makes it different from other countries. He also plays with lighting and seating arrangements in the show to make it more interesting (you'll know when you'll know).

Abhish Mathew

When it comes to clean comedy, Abish's name always tops the chart. His special on Amazon Prime called Whoop! is an amalgamation of all kinds of topics. From addressing current affairs to personal experiences and improvised sets with the audience, you can experience it all.