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From Kitchenware To Gadgets, Buy 'Em All At This 80-Year-Old Camp Store


    Setting up your new house and buying all the essentials can be a hard task. Why roam around the entire city when you can find EVERYTHING, under one roof at Maharashtra Store in Camp. So bring out those long shopping lists, and get going.

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    Keeping customers loyal and satisfied for over eight decades, The Maharashtra Store houses over 50,000 items across categories. From electronic appliances to cutlery, numerous gifting options, kitchenware, crystal-ware, tech toys, home decor and body and skincare products, the store has it all!

    We spent nearly 30 minutes here, and we couldn’t have been happier. For our kitchen necessities, we found everything from pressure cooker to induction-friendly cookware, pop-up toasters, mixer grinders, knives {of all kinds}, coffee makers, barbecue setups, lids and more. Finding your trusted brand isn’t a problem here. Depending on your budget {from INR 400 to INR  7,500}, you can easily score great deals. If you’re a fan of fancy cutlery, check out the beautiful glass, silver and porcelain collection.

    We also found cute mason jars and bulb-shaped glasses with twisted straws, starting at INR 450 a piece. If you’re on a tight budget, we highly recommend you go for the plastic tableware options in bright funky colours. Check out their exquisite lantern and handcrafted candles, ranging between INR 350 and INR 4,500.  They also have a stunning assortment of flower vases, jars, photo frames, dreamcatchers, decorative flowers, wall clocks and showpieces.

    Tech enthusiasts, Maharashtra Store is known for its well-stocked racks of Bluetooth speakers, USB cables, earplugs, headphones, laptop & phone chargers, digital cameras, iPods and more, across brands. However, what really caught our eyes was a small collection of old-school cassettes featuring albums from erstwhile Bollywood movie. Priced between INR 150 and INR 400, these old-school cassettes will definitely make you miss the early 90s.

    Anything Else?

    The Maharashtra Store has a wide range of stuff to take care of your home-cleaning woes. From brooms to buckets, mops,  dustbins, cleaning wipes and brushes, they’ve got you covered.


    At the Maharashtra Store, you will also come across beauty brands, international and domestic. From John Frieda to M.A.C, PAC and Bobbi Brown, this department store impressed us with its options.