Poha, Pastries & More: Satiate Your Early Morning Cravings At These 3 AM Food Stalls

Sneha posted on 27 July


Hungry and broke in the middle of the night? Worry not, these five 3 AM food stalls and kiosks will do save you from your hunger pangs!

Pune Station

Hungry at 3 in the morning with limited money in your pocket? Head to Pune Station at any hour of the night for a stomach-filling, lip-smacking meal. The small kiosks right opposite the station will serve you well with their egg bhurji and pav, masala Maggi and a hot cup of ginger tea. If you want something sweet and affordable, take a couple of more steps towards Viceroy Bakery. Their cream rolls, buns, pastries and fresh cookies in the middle of the night are exactly what you need to satiate your hunger pangs.


Amruteshwar at Nal Stop, Erandwane has come to the rescue for many who crave for a delicious plate of authentic Maharashtrian snacks at wee hours of the night. This place is known for its poha, sheera, samosas and chai. If you’re extremely hungry, try their misal pav, veg patty and pulao.

Deccan Chowpatty

If you’re craving affordable noodles, pav bhaji, Maggi, stuffed parathas, and milkshake, head to Deccan Chowpatty under Z-bridge and give a rest to your midnight hunger pangs. The place has five kiosks – Punjabi, Chinese, Maharastrain, milkshake and juice corner, and is open till, at least, 4 am in the morning.

Bhau Patil Road

Double egg bhurji with two slices of pav, masala omlette, Maggi and chai are the specialities here! If you’re looking for these and more, head to Bhau Patil Road near Aundh, next to Aoji Khaoji, at any hour of the night and indulge in to some awesome affordable street food. The place is open between 9.30 pm and 5 am.


The small kiosk right next to IBM Yerawada, near the Mastercard building is a major hit amongst the IT crowd out there. Reason being? An array of Chinese and North Indian dishes-  from schezwan noodles and Singapore rice to chicken handi and biryani, you have it all!

The place is tad bit dark and operates sans official permission. However, we don’t doubt the quality of the food {because that’s awesome}, however, we would suggest you go in groups whenever you do visit the place.