Embedded With Seeds, The Pages Of This Calendar Grow Into A Beautiful Garden

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If we asked you to choose a flower for every month, what would you choose for December? Or June? Or September? Kyaari is a calendar that does exactly that for you.

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Kyaari is a calendar that has 12 different Beejkapas. Beejkapas is special hand-made paper found in Jaipur that is embedded with seeds. So if you bury the paper under a thin layer of soil, you’ll slowly see a plant forming. With 12 different Beejkapas for every month, you’ll find 12 different plants grow. The papers are held together by a wooden frame that is made from recycled wood. So you never know the story that will now be in your possession. It could have been a king’s favorite chair at the dining table or someone’s cricket bat, who knows? Kyaari is an innovative and noble initiative by 21 fools to gift the world what we take away from it. From soil we began, into soil we shall go.

Price: INR 1,199; buy here.

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Start the year on a good note by gifting yourself {or your loved ones} this amazing calendar.

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