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    #LBBLoves: A Service For Customised Handbags

    Jayati posted on 30 May


    Toteteca is a service for all of those – including us – who get frustrated when a bag is perfect in every single way, but has a random ribbon, tassle or mismatched strap we’re dying to snip off. With Toteteca, we can log in and customise a handbag, and have it delivered to our doorsteps within seven working days.

    Why We Care

    We’ve all been that shopper who’s super annoyed at not being able to find the right bag. Being fuzzy about a sling bag, or getting in a different colour, size, we believe bags are an essential part of our daily lives. Toteteca solves this problem.

    How It Works

    We log onto their website, and are greeted by a variety of bag photos. Next, we choose a bag we like and click on customise.

    From here, we can choose the style and size of the bag, which includes clutches, slings and totes. Then, things get even more fun – we can choose the colour, add embellished metallic zippers, add pockets, and so on. We can even get our own customised monogrammed logo, as a keychain handle or imprinted on the bag.

    We’re Also Loving

    Apart from giving us the super cool tools needed to make our own bags, they’re also socially responsible. Toteteca only use faux leather hand-crafted by their in-house team of designers, and workers.


    Toteteca is simple to work around and decently priced. All of the handbags are handcrafted, with attention given to every little detail to suit individual needs.The delivery generally takes up to seven working days, and is pretty close to the image on the website.

    The one thing we didn’t like: connecting to the site and the managers to place our order took a few tries, since the line kept coming busy.

    Price: INR 1,990 upwards

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