This Online Library Has A Collection Of Over 75,000 Books & Doesn't Levy Late Charges

    Sneha posted on 01 November


    While visiting a library is an experience in itself, but hectic work schedule makes it quite an impossible task. We found an online portal,, that will bring your favorite reads to your doorstep at nominal charges.

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    Librarywala, with its collection of over 75,000 books, is operational in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Mysore and of course, Pune. The website comes very handy to us bibliophiles who do not get time to visit a library or a bookstore.

    The collection out here will spoil you for choices – from bestsellers fictions like Six Graves To Munich by Mario Puzo to Seizure by Robin Cook and an entire series of A Song Of Fire & Ice by George RR Martin. Not just fiction, Librarywala boasts of a massive collection of books in genres such as health, religion, self-help, sports, film, business management and biographies. For people who love reading in Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi, check out the reads here and here.

    The plans are divided in to four broad categories – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. Under each plans, there are sub-categorized plans {Solo, Cubic, Basic, Classic or Special Children} to choose from.

    If you’re an avid reader, we recommend you to take the Yearly Basic Plan that will allow you to borrow six books in a month, two at time, for INR 4000/year.

    If you don’t want a yearly membership, you can always opt for the monthly subscription plans, starting at INR 110 or the quarterly plans starting at INR 300. For more details, click here.

    So how does it work? You select your plan. Create your collection of books. They will deliver the books according to your plan. Read and return the books and get the time set again.

    Best part? You can keep the books as long as your account is active. There will be no late charges for that! Pretty cool, right?

    Anything Else?

    Read and share the joy of reading with others too! At Librarywala, you can gift a membership to your friends or relatives. All you have to do is, fill up this form.

    So, We're Saying...

    Choose from over 70,000 titles, get books home-delivered and NO late charges…We’re already loving Librarywala to bits. What about you?