meenketan posted on 10th August

Gigs, Drinks & More: Pubs & Cafes In Town To Hit For Amazing Live Music Performances

Ten-Second Takeaway

The weekends for so many are an opportunity to relax and thread away from our hectic lives that follows us on the weekdays. It’s time we get to unwind and spend with our friends and families. Well, for those of you looking to spend quality time with significant others, we have compiled a list five bars/pubs across the city where you can go to to enjoy live music and a few drinks.

Shisha Café

Widely-renowned across the city for its classy ambience and decor, Shisha Café offers an exclusive experience. The Café is one of the only places in Pune where Jazz fans can attend live Jazz gigs. Its elegant vibe makes it a perfect date venue, so if you have your special someone remember to bring them here and give them a feel of Shisha Café’s opulent atmosphere.

Hard Rock Café

If you are a fan of the rock genre, Hard Rock Café is your place to be at. Holding rock gigs on every Thursday, it provides a brilliant getaway for those wanting to let themselves loose from the worries of the day. A popular place to hang out with friends, this Café is also adorned by the its customers for its exquisite décor. With memorabilia items such as Bob Dylan’s leather jacket on display – this is a place serving you rock music with its rich history.

High Spirits

High Spirits is recognized to be the mainstay of the nightlife of Pune. With regular cookouts every Sunday, one can simply grab a classic Budweiser beer (INR 190) and feel right at home. Also offering Thursday evening of Karaoke, High Spirits is must-go to if you are in Pune for a visit. With its energetic crowd, exceptional food, and its lively music, High Spirits offers an experience like no other.

Effingut Brewerkz

Growing in stature over the years, it is a paradise for beer lovers. With an ambience that is as extraordinary as it can get, this brewery takes you to the times of Game of Thrones as you drink the beer right from a wooden barrel. With events like DJ Nights, Ladies Nights, and a string of Live Performances being held one day or the other, every night at this pub-cum-microbrewery is a happening one.

Swig Bar and Eatery

With Happy Hours till 9 PM every day, Swig Bar and Eatery is famous for its live music and lively atmosphere. A must visit place for those who wish for a relaxing evening with a couple of drinks light that are light on their pockets. Known for its beautiful ambience, the music here is one which will keep you on your feet and the crowd upbeat through the night.