Have A Contemporary Home? Pots By This Homegrown Artist Double Up As Art

Longing Belongings

What Makes It Awesome?

Fridge magnets, coasters, jewellery and a number of products, Longing Belongings is a hub for all things clay and you have to check out their collection.

The brainchild of Janhavi Ghospurikar, an architect turned potter who is also a photographer, her passion for clay is unparalleled. She works out of a beautiful cozy studio from Pallod Farms which is a kilometre from Bhugaon. Building on this passion and a philosophy to create something that everyone could feel belonged to, she began Longing Belongings three years ago in Pune.

Drawing inspiration from the uneven plains of life and people, her products are not uniformed and go against the norms of pottery. Having learnt pottery from a remote village in Konkan, her inspiration is the iron-rich soil of the region.

The collection that Longing Belongings has to offer is second to none. There are a number of products from home decor to jewellery which are available in all possible sizes and can also be made to your choice. When it comes to customised products, Ghospurikar believes that each piece of pottery has a story to tell. Building on this, she tries to keep all pieces different from each other.

From this store, you can get a number of things customised. You can get a unique clay tea set made. There are also options for fridge magnets, lampshades, coasters, pots and much more. The prices over here range from INR 150 to INR 20000. The prices for each product varies because of the firing techniques.

Ghospurikar tells us that she uses a number of alternative firing techniques. Such as, raku (different types) obvara, pit firing, barrel firing wood firing, soda/salt firing, etc. Here current favourite one is the anagama firing technique which she has recently learnt at a workshop in Pondicherry. 

There are three ways to get a hold of these fabulous products from Longing Belongings. You can either visit their workshop at Pallod Farms or get in touch with the artist to visit her home studio. The other and the simplest way is to send a DM on Instagram.


If you are planning on getting something customised, try to have a conversation with the artist about why you want it to be special. Then just wait and see the magic unveil. 

Longing Belongings