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Did You Know That The MahaMetro Structure Is Going To Be Designed To Look Like A 'Puneri Pagdi'?

Mugdh posted on 22 November


A symbol of pride for Punekars, the ‘Puneri Pagdi’ has been worn by eminent personalities like Lok Manya Tilak and Mahadev Govind Ranadi.

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According to Brijesh Dixit, MD – MahaMetro, some metro stations will get a unique touch to it’s style by taking inspiration from the designs of a ‘Puneri Pagdi’.
Putting in a lot of efforts, the officials are working on many concepts and ideas. The artists and architects have already started working on the designs for the roof top in the shape of the pagdi. Three companies have also been recruited for the same.

So, We're Saying...

A few more years, and traveling via metro will be a dream come true!