Nested In The Busy Lanes, The Outlet Offers Amazing Varieties Of Wada Pav!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Wadapav the well-known and best selling food item all over Maharashtra. Talking about Pune then there are already a lot of well-established vada pav chains which are famous around the city. Wadapav is the most favourite food item for every type of person.

Mr Wadapav is the newborn baby nestled in busy lanes of Dhole Patil road. It is situated in front of Zamu's place and besides of Chutney's. This location is already surrounded by a lot of food-loving people.

My visit to Mr Wada pav was quite interesting as once you entered you will get a nice feeling as the place is very clean and hygienic. Lots of well-known vada pav chains in Pune are not clean and hygienic but this one is pretty cool. Looking at their menu card will confuse you about what to order? Of course, they have a lot of variety of wada pav which will be revolving around cheese, grilled and so on.

I ordered Mr Wadapav, Mr Cheese burst vada pav, Mr. Hulk grilled cheese wadapav, potato pakoda, masala chhaas, mutter karanji, rose chhaas and cheese dabeli.

Talking about an order then it took around 5-7 minutes to get this on the table. Of course, they have a tag line which they precisely follow which is, "we make fresh and hot Wada in 5 minutes." So this is amazing because if you compare it with any other options in Pune then this is awesome that you will get a freshly made wada every time you order.

Mr Wadapav was delicious as it contained proper potato masala with garlic which is perfect in taste. Along with it, you will get 4 types of chutneys. You can pour whichever you want.

The cheese burst wada pav was containing cheese slice which was bursting in the mouth on each bite. The Mr Hulk grilled cheese wada pav was really huge in size just like a hulk, suggested for a person who has a big appetite. Great in taste, perfectly grilled with a lot of cheese and a big wada inside it.

Potato pakodas were perfectly fried, crunchy and balanced in taste.
The mutter karanji was a new thing to eat. Mutter karanji was delicious, crisp from outside and soft from inside.

Masala chhaas were spiced with Ginger, masala and mint. It was also good in taste. Talking about Rose chhaas then it was quite surprising in taste. Rose flavour in chhaas goes well in taste.

So overall it was an awesome experience at Mr Wadapav. They also have some catchy tag lines posters which will catch your attention i.e. "Mr Wadapav is so clean that one day Nirma Girl once asked him out." And so on...

Food:- 4.5/5
Service:- 4.5/5
Ambience:- 4/5
Hygiene and cleanliness:- 5/5
Value for money:- 4/5
Overall:- 4.5/5

What Could Be Better?


How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.

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