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Be A Good Samaritan! Volunteer At These NGOs For A Day Or Two In A Week



    In our busy schedule, it’s not everyday you get a chance to do your bit for your community. But being busy is not a good enough excuse. Spare a day or two or just a couple of hours, if you're willing to volunteer at an organisation or an NGO you believe in. 

    Teach For India

    Teach For India

    Koregaon Park, Pune

    Founded in 2007, Teach For India (TFI) thrives to eliminate the education crisis in the country. They target layers of issue, right from unequal education opportunities to attendance problem, lack of quality teaching and the issue of girl child education. Join the movement, step in to their classrooms and teach and share your knowledge with children who can't afford a good education.

    The volunteering is pretty simple and flexible according to your suitable timings and days. They operate between Mondays and Saturdays, Sundays are off. You can either commit for three or six months. If you love it {which we are sure, you will}, commit for a year or two. The application for volunteering is straightforward. Fill out this form and the fellows from TFI will get in touch with you.

    Maharashtra Social Housing And Action League - MASHAL


    Shivajinagar, Pune

    MASHAL works to solve the issues of urban and rural poor communities primarily in areas of housing, living environment, livelihood and quality of life. The team at MASHAL consists of professionals from the fields of architecture, engineering, social work and rural development. They also encourage students to join their projects as volunteers. Currently, MASHAL is actively involved in the Samruddhi project that aims to develop educational and vocational programs to improve employment opportunities, to support home-based businesses and to enhance the overall educational infrastructure.

    MASHAL organises project-wise one day volunteering programmes. If you’re interested, send in your CV at Don’t forget to mention your areas of interest and the duration of your commitment. The staff will assign you an ongoing project depending on your interest and duration.

    ResQ Charitable Trust

    Animal lovers, this one’s for you! Started a decade ago, ResQ Charitable Trust are the true animal heroes of Pune. The team religiously works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and sick animals. Not only this, they create awareness that focuses on the reduction of human-animal conflict and thereby leading to a holistic conservation of the environment.

    The volunteers at ResQ work very closely with the animals and get a chance to deal with certain trauma cases and the treatment process. The kennel duties include cleaning, wound dressing, physiotherapy, documentation and photography. Other tasks will include walking, grooming and socialising the dogs.

    It is compulsory for all ResQ volunteers to get vaccinated again rabies, do a first aid course and complete 30 hours of work at the kennels and with the vans. Remember, ResQ only takes in limited number of volunteers at a given point of time. So, mail them at and make sure you book your slots soon!

    Swadhar IDWC

    For the last 12 years, Swadhar, Institute For Development of Women & Children has aimed at empowering women and providing support to children in need of protection and survival. Get involved with them if you’re interested in working in areas like child and woman development, education and health. You can either work on the weekends or one/two days during the week. The body of work will include teaching grammar, mathematics and science to students {especially girls}, helping women setup their small-scale businesses for self-sufficiency, making mothers and children aware about sexually transmitted diseases and eradicating taboos on menstruation, etc.

    For application, send your background and contact details at with the subject line as ‘volunteer’. While applying, please specify clearly the time you would like to dedicate. 


    With centres in Nagpur, Gurugram, Mumbai and Pune, Upay aims to overcome the disparities in the Indian education system and provide equal opportunities for children to learn, grow and succeed.

    Currently, the Upay team is looking out for volunteers who can teach arts and crafts, dance, music, languages, computer and social media to underprivileged students at their Pune centre. All you have to do is spare two hours of your weekends for this amazing cause.

    Interested? Fill up this form or mail them at and a member will get in touch with you!