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From Hiring Bartenders To Post-Party Cleanup: Our Guide To An Epic House Party

Sneha posted on 26 December

Host an epic house party with great music, lights, a home-delivered bartender, nitrogen dessert and more. All you have to do is, follow our guide to the core.

Stock Up On Booze

How to make a house party memorable? If your booze is right on point, and enough to last the entire night. Bookmark this for stores that’ll deliver right to your doorstep.

How About A Bartender?

Since your alcohol is sorted, how about taking your NYE party to the next level? Hire a bartender through Barmobile. It is a three-year-old service which can set up a minibar in our homes within fifteen minutes {of course, they require a notice of two days}.

What’s more? They also provide up to three bartenders, the bar set-up, the glassware, coasters, stirrers, papers, napkins, alcohol, alcohol permits, mixers, spices, and other ingredients and fruits for the drinks.

Remember, you have to give them a notice of two days, depending on how many people will be attending. The smallest order is for between five to six people.

Contact: +919820468682

Price: Starting from INR 5,000

The Food

The one thing you absolutely need in plenty after several rounds of booze and dancing, is food. And, what’s better than a plate of belly-filling biryani to end the year? So, here’s a list of all the places that will deliver biryani by the kilo to your doorstep.

Based out of Mundwa, you can also try Shahnoor’z, a delivery place that has everything from biriyani to falafels, salads, kebabs, desserts and more. For more details, click on our recommendation here.

Cakes are a must when midnight strikes! We highly recommend you stock up on enough cakes and pastries from these places.

Lights & Decor

Lit up your home with beautiful lights and decor from Tapkir Galli! If you want to spice it up even further, make your guests wear masquerades and fun accessories. Have a look at this recommendation for affordable tinsels, glitter and more.

What's For Desserts?

Liquid nitrogen ice cream? Creamicals at Karvenagar, is Pune’s first ever liquid nitrogen dessert shop that pledges to make our old-school ice cream nutritive and calorie-free through science!

However, that’s not even the good news. They host nitro parties at home if they are given a prior notice. Amuse your guests by creating liquid nitrogen ice cream right in front of their eyes and finally treat them with a scoopful of their masterpieces.

Creamicles accept a minimum order of 200 scoops, while the maximum may go up to 1000 scoops.

For more details, click here.

The Music

If you’re looking for some awesome music to play you could download Streo, which lets you live stream gigs of artists of your choice from all over the world. Check out the Streo app on Android here and on iOs here. If you’re looking to go old school, you could also get some great 80’s and 90’s Bollywood music cassettes, from The Maharashtra Store. We know cassettes are nearly obsolete, but, hey, to each their own and aren’t they just as cool as LPs!

Next-Day Cleanup

This is the toughest part after a party. But fret not! We have the perfect solution for this. If you need someone to clean up after or before the party, go to BookMyBai for reliable help.