This Kebab Joint In Koregaon Park Will Give You A Taste Of Lucknow In Pune

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What Makes It Awesome?

Are you a hard core meat lover? Is your love for kebabs undying? Well we have a new address for your cravings! Most foodies in Pune have a small complain that they don't find good kebabs anywhere else except for few selected restaurants that have been around for ages. Now, you can head to a brand new restaurant in Koregaon Park to get a taste of Lucknow on your plate.

Parvez Kebabs is a new food joint located right at the beginning of Lane 6 in Koregaon Park that is serving up some delicious kebabs, rolls and biryani! It's tough to miss out on this store as the bright black and red board will surely grab your attention and if not that then the aroma of char grilled meat surely will.

Parvez's menu is simple yet seems full of flavour. You can find all your authentic, favourite kebab preparations as well as some of their in-house specialties. We would recommend trying their chicken dahi lasuni tikka (INR 130) and mutton boti kebabs (INR 180). Their quality of mutton is really good as the meat is cooked to perfection and literally melts in your mouth. If you are looking for something more filling. Trying their chicken tikka biryani for INR 240 or one of their signature kebab rolls starting at INR 150. Parvez also serves chicken and mutton baida roti only for INR 180 which is also one of our favourites! So if you are a hard core carnivore, Parvez Kebabs might just become your 'spot' in the city.


The restaurant is open from 12:30 pm to 1:30 am everyday of the week and a meal for two here will cost you INR 500. All kebabs come with a portion of salad and chutneys and they also have a few selections for vegetarians.