Peddle Away Freely 'Cause Pune Will Be Getting Newer & Safer Cycle Paths

Sneha posted on 28 November


After a year of planning and drafting proposals, The Pune Cycle Plan finally got a go ahead from their standing committee!

What Does This Mean?

To us, it simply means we can take out our bicycles and peddle away around town with no fear of traffic. The objective of the plan is two-folded – first, repair the existing cycle tracks and second, build new ones. Additionally, there will be installation of CCTV at strategic locations, prevention of parking on cycle tracks and proper maintenance through the year. According to reports, the project is supported by the Ministry of Urban Development and a sum of INR 40 crore has been kept for developing the cycle tracks.

So, We're Saying...

The work has already begun and we really hope the cycle tracks come sooner than estimated!