Pune Start-Up, MobiTrash Collects Your Garbage, Treats It & Delivers Compost For Your Garden In Return


A Pune-based start-up venture, MobiTrash Recycle collects your garbage and converts the wet waste in to compost. In short, get ride of your household waste and get compost for your garden in return!

How Does It Work?

It starts with initial demonstrations at various premises. Then the guys at MobiTrash show the people how to segregate waste properly. Once they understand the process and the necessity of segregation, a lot of them subscribe to the services. A mobile van visits the premise or the area regularly to collect the segregated waste.

The van has hi-tech machines installed in it that allows the initial process of composting. Once the process of raw composting is done in the vehicle, the waste is dumped in a large ground provided by Pune Municipality on the outskirts of the city. Over the next two or three weeks, the waste converts in to cured composed which is then collected by the van again. The cured compost is delivered to customers who want it for their gardens.

So We're Saying...

MobiTrash makes your everyday waste management easy. Segregate, handover and get compost for free! So take a step towards a green and clean Pune, and mail them at getit@mobitrash.in or call at +91930029029.