Watch A Thoughtful Film & Have A Great Discussion At Pune's First Queer Film Society

Sneha posted on 25 September


Started somewhere in 2015 by Jacob Hustedt and Shyam Konnur, Pune’s first ever queer film society has carved out a personal space for the LGBTQ community to share and connect.

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When Jacob left for the United States, Pune Queer Film Society was taken over by Frank Hoffman, a student from Germany living in Pune for the past seven years. Very low-key and compact, this group meets at least once a month at a member’s house, watch a movie and get in to a discussion amongst themselves.

The film screenings focus mainly on the LGBTQ+ topics and themes, across languages and genres. Other documentaries relating to socio-political subjects are screened and discussed in lengths for hours.

The society is quite small-scaled, albeit doesn’t charge a penny from its members. Gay or straight, anyone can be a part of this group. If you wish to watch a great film and have a heart conversation post that, write a mail at

So, We're Saying...

Join this group for a some unconventional movie screenings, mindful discussions and a great time.