Ready-Set-Lose! Five Pune Peeps Who Got Fit Reveal Their Secrets

Protima posted on 23 August


If you’re working towards losing weight,  we’ve come with motivation! These peeps worked their way to their fitness goals and have shared their stories with us.

Aditya Malhotra

What started off as some basic exercise and activity to get healthy and fit resulted in a whole new lifestyle that Aditya follows till date. Hitting the gym wasn’t about burning the calories anymore; fitness was about being strong and fit. This understanding came to him two years ago when he realized no activity had left him weak, and overweight. “The trick is to keep yourself motivated” and Aditya found motivation in his friend circle. He realised fitness was a lifestyle, and this has changed his life for the better in the last two years.

Transformation: 90kgs in May 2015 to 72kgs in July 2017

Cheat Days: I don’t really mark out cheat days on a calendar. But yes, I do keep track of them when I end up “cheating”. It’s a challenge to begin with, but that’s part of the fun along the way.

Apurba Bandhopadhyay

Pregnancy was the reason behind Apurba’s weight gain, and home workouts, yoga, running and even taekwondo would not help her lose weight after a certain point. Stress made her lose some weight, but this did not make her happy. She understood that her body was low on strength and energy, and this is what made her take up functional training with MultiFit. Even with two kids, a heavy workload and a house to manage, Apurba stuck to a fitness regime and calls her transformation “phenomenal” She felt strong, energetic and happy.

Transformation: 72kgs in 2012, 60kgs in Jan 2017 and 56kgs in August 2017.

What Worked: A consistent workout regime, no sugar, home cooked meals and a high protein diet. MultiFit has been the turning point in Apruba’s fitness journey.

Cheat Days: Milk based chai! And a full blown Bengali meal- dal, rice, fish curry, bhaja- is mandatory once a month.

Sushmita Sai

Once an overweight teenager, Susmita has battled an eating disorder to get here today. From wanting to be “skinny” she has fought her way through eating disorders and a super slow metabolism, and now understands the importance of strength now. Once upon a time she would starve to be skinny, and this resulted in slowing her metabolism. In 2015 she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, and put on weight drastically. It took her a long time to get used to this, at the end of which she realizes good health is all about being strong and happy. She concentrated on HIITs to improve strength and maintain weight.

What Worked: HIIT, running & yoga, a clean diet and a deeper understanding of the term “fitness” and how the weighing scale was not the judge of fitness.

Cheat Day: I can do without these. But once in a while if I do want to eat something, I keep the quantities in check.

Salman Birajdar

At 6’4’’ and 70kgs, Salman was aware of how thin and weak he felt. Being an engineering student left him with no time. A series of unfortunate events (read year down) later, Salman decided to hit the gym. His target was to gain 20kgs before the year end. 8 months into training he had successfully managed to gain mass, and now came the time to turn it all into muscle. He never consulted a personal trainer or a nutritionist, and learnt it all by himself. He took the aid of supplements, but since he did not believe in steroids, he knew he had to be patience would be important if he wanted to see results. His determination led to this transformation:

Transformation: 72kg in 2013 to 90kg (and 12% body fat) in August 2017.

Cheat Day: I don’t cheat a day, I cheat a meal. And that too only once in maybe 10 days.

Soham Hundekar

Back in 2008, Soham was a national level volleyball player. Unfortunately his dreams of continuing the sport ended with an accident in 2010. With 40 stitches on the head, life as he knew it had changed. There was a serious drop in fitness levels, and motivation. It wasn’t until Jan 2017 when he realized he was lethargic, stressed out and probably in the worst shape he had ever been in. He followed a schedule as far as his workouts were concerned, even with the erratic routine that only a freelancer can understand. With a goal of wanting to do the Human Flag by December 2017, Soham started his fitness journey along with his trainer earlier this year, and 8 months into 2017 we love what we see! Great determination and great will power!

Transformation: Jan 2017 – 97.8kgs, Aug 2017 – 80kg

What Worked:  A healthy, natural diet, no sugar, less carb diet, no junk food, no alcohol, and a whole lot of strength training.

Cheat Days: I can do without them.

So, We're Saying...

Now that we’re done telling you these awesome stories, we need to take a break and hit the gym. Do you have more inspirational stories to share? Write in to us and let us know!