Photography Enthusiasts, You Can Now Rent DSLRs, GoPros & More From This Website


Have you ever wanted to own a fancy camera without the huge price-tag? Wished that you had something better than your smart-phone to capture those epic moments on your next vacay? WLend lets you do that – for a few days, anyway – with their selection of DSLRs, GoPros, Polaroid, video cameras, lenses, and gear.

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WLend started operations to Pune in March 2017. We discovered them recently and have been already short-listing products to rent for our next vacay! Here’s how it works: once you select your dates {for rental}, it shows you a list of what products are available in your city, and for how much. Then you choose what you want, pay online {or cash on delivery}, and the product will be home-delivered to you and picked-up once the rental duration is over. On delivery, you’ll get a complete to-go kit, including a fully charged battery, memory card, charger, and camera bag.  They also offer additional servicing and help during the rental period. You will have to submit an additional security deposit, but it will be refunded to you once you return the product. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Pricing ranges from around INR 399/day for a point and shoot, to INR 549/day for a DSLR. One-day rental costs are higher than if you rent over a period of several days. For example, a 15-day DSLR rental might cost you INR 299 per day. We had our eye on the GoPro Hero5 and the Canon 80D. If you have a specific camera in mind that isn’t listed on their site, you can put in a request and they might be able to arrange it for you.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re a traveller, blogger, want to test out a particular camera, or just want to take really awesome photos – WLend is ideal for you. They have a slightly limited selection of cameras and gear in Pune at the moment, but plan to introduce more items very soon. We think it’s a steal of a deal – make the most of these top-notch cameras for just a fraction of their actual cost! Check out their website or follow them on Facebook for all the latest updates.