Head Over To Maratheshahi For Amazing Special Chicken Thali & Yum Appetizers!

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What Makes It Awesome?

A lot of restaurants are nowadays serving the different types of thali including different cuisines in it. Most of them are awesome or ok.
If you ask me about eating a non-veg as well as a different veg thali which consists of the Eastern Maharashtra food then I'll blindly recommend the BEST THALI I have ever tasted is of MARATHESHAHI.

Yeah, you heard me right a perfectly balanced thali which won't disappoint you at any cause.
The Ambience is just like a small from outside but once you enter in then it is a huge one from inside. A nicely pleasant ambiance which will make you calm and relax.
They have Punjabi food as well as the thalis, but as I have mentioned above that I'll blindly suggest you go for any kind of thali.
I have tried the "Maratheshahi Special Chicken Thali" once it arrives on your table the 1st thing I got on my mind i.e. Am I able to finish it? The quantity is huge enough for 1 person.

The THALI contains Chicken Sukka, Egg Masala, Chicken Alani (unsalted soup) rassa, Tambada rassa (unlimited), Chicken Kalegi fry, Padhara rassa (unlimited), Curd onion, salad, 2 Bajara Bhakri, and Indrayani rice.

Talking about its quality and taste then I'm fully satisfied with the taste and quality. The Chicken Sukka was perfectly blended with gravy, chicken kaleji fry was awesomely balanced with the spices, the egg masala was nice, the Alani chicken rassa, tambada rassa, and padhara rassa were deliciously awesome in taste. All food was perfectly balanced with spices i.e. neither too spicy nor too sweet.
About veg thali then they serve Masavadi with unlimited gravy and Kharda. Masavadi is made up of besan which have fillings. You can simply eat it or eat it by dipping it in rassa. Really the Masavadi has its unique taste. They also serve Mutton.
Maratheshahi is best for the Thali!

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group

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