Subscribe Your Essentials: 5 Services For Everything From Stationery To Food

Soon, we are all going to have to self-isolate. So, bookmark this for when you want to shop online for yourself or a friend. We found subscription boxes that work great as gifts, to stock up on things like stationery, and even for some essentials. 

The Big Book Box

An ideal service for every bookworm. The Big Book Box is what every avid reader needs. Boxes from this brand come in different sizes and at different prize points. Each box has books, bookmarks, merch and other bookish stuff to keep your little worm happy. And, if you love them too much, you can also choose a quarterly or a half-yearly box. The boxes start at INR INR 1,099 for the Frappe Box for one month.

The Pink Box

For all your period needs, The Pink Box is a period subscription service offering sanitary pads, snacks & other things for care. Their products include menstrual cramp relief roll-ons, period pain relief patch, biodegradable pads, travel kits for periods and more. They also have India's first PCOS Care Box which has essentials, yoga poses for better flow and snacks that suit a PCOS diet. The best bit? You can select the brand and size of sanitary pads you want added to your box.


Offering a range of boxes for men, women and kids, Bojo is a website that's a mecca for subscription boxes. You can try everything from a makeup box (comes with 4-5 full-sized products), jewellery box (comes with 4-5 earrings), period care kits (with sanitary napkins and snacks), organic makeup boxes and more. There are also snack boxes, grooming boxes for men, boxes for pets, among other categories. The big plus is that their prices are very affordable.


Know a dog parent? Make them merry this season with something for their baby. Or surprise your pet with something! This box allows you to pick a box based on the dog’s age, so that the litter woofer gets what he really needs. It comes with quality treats, food pack and toys. And, you can choose from one, three, six to a 12-month subscription. 

The Gourmet Box

Love everything gourmet? The Gourmet Box has a range of products to choose from to add to your box. Find sweet and savoury boxes, chocolate hampers, snack boxes, health snack among many others. There are also tea gift boxes and small cookie boxes too. You can also make your own boxes and hampers.

Origin One

If you love designer stationery, or want to try it because you're home and bored, Origin One is your best bet. They have customised stationery boxes that you can buy monthly, quarterly or yearly. You can get notebooks, paper clips, pens, pencils, among other items. Everything is designed so beautifully that we wish we could have it all.