Men, We Found A Brand Offering Edgy & Cool Jewellery For You

What Makes It Awesome?

In this day and age of androgynous dressing, it seems like there are no boundaries to innovate. I’m sure women are tired of hearing that they have endless options when it comes to accessories and men don’t. Men I am sure, are finally getting excited about having so many designs and styles in their disposal. 

To cater to males who enjoy adding a touch of spunk with jewellery to their outfits, Sukkhi designs fashionable rings for men that are super affordable yet super stylish. Started in 2012, Sukkhi as a brand has been quite famous when it comes to men’s jewellery. They design quirky finger rings with crazy designs on them. They thoughtfully source their materials from leading suppliers to ensure top quality experience.

We love their collection of black metal rings that come with skulls on them for just INR 559. If you like to dress up edgy, then add this ring to the mix. If you like something subtle then go for their simple thumb rings starting at INR 150 but if you like something fancy and want to show off then go for their silver and white gold rings starting at INR 450. Sukkhi also has a great collection bracelets, watches, males and chains. Who said boys can’t experiment with their style? Accessorise away and flaunt your inner diva without a second thought. You can shop their pieces online and except your delivery to reach you working 5-6 working days. The rings come in cushioned boxes so that they are not hampered on the way.

What Could Be Better?

Sukkhi as a brand has a great but limited collection. Just by expanding the range of their designs, Sukkhi can reach out to an even bigger target audience than it already has.