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Attend A Cinematography Workshop By Living Bridge

What's Happening

If you are 15+, head to the cinematography workshop by Living Bridge. Cinematography is to Filmmaking like a Lens is to a Camera; neither can function without the other. Hence, Cinematographers have one of the most essential jobs in any film production: bringing a director's vision to life.

They do this by creating unforgettable images that will have a meaningful impact on our minds. But artistry apart, Cinematography is also a highly technical field. A good Cinematographer needs to know the physics of optics, the chemistry of laboratory processing, the electronics of video cameras and the mathematics of exposure. If ever there was a profession that married science and art, it is the profession of Cinematography.

Living Bridge’s philosophy of learning by doing means that our students develop their technical skills and artistic identities through a dynamic combination of classroom experience, practical hands-on exercises, and instructor-led individual projects. To this end, all students will be able to shoot at a basic level as well as appreciate the creative possibilities of cinematography.

How's The Venue

Living Bridge is a Training Centre, Aundh

Price Includes

INR 28000 per person (INR 25000 for early bird offer)

Make A Note

Fees Inclusive of Lunch and Tea/Coffee on all days

For more deets, contact: +919890000587 / +919823131486

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