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Try Out These Cool, New-Age Activities Before 2018 Ends

The year’s closing to an end, pack in all you can. Pune has so many cool, new-age activities you can try. If you haven’t done them yet, you must! If nothing else, you’ll at least be bidding 2018 goodbye in fun.

Tackle a 200-metre dirt track on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Pump some dirt around and ride away on the track, maneuvering through obstacles and whatnot. FOr INR 500 only, you can feel like you’re the kind of any road. Although, professional trainers are recommended for beginners.

Equipped with headsets, controllers, docking and laptop stations and get an immersive virtual reality experience. Choose from cricket, shooting, roller coaster and ice-skating games and enjoy the 360-degree experience for 30 mins for INR 150 only. Watch out! Your character might be getting attacked from all directions!

You thought you’d only see marine life underwater? Naw, you can play too! Finkick Adventures, which is a scuba diving training centre, also hosts underwater games: rugby, cycling and hockey. You’ll have to sign up for a PADI-certified dive course or you can do a two-hour Try A Dive too, to judge how comfortable you are in full gear underwater.

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