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Get In Shape: 5 Power Yoga Classes To Hit Before Your Beach Vacation

Looking for a fun way to tone up and get flexible? Try out these great power yoga classes in Pune for a fitter lifestyle. 

This Kalyani Nagar studio offers classes 3 times a week and teaches you many different styles that can optimise your overall fitness and peace of mind. The classes offered are an hour long and average at 8-20 students. Start a free trial and then register for the longer program.

Weight loss and toning up are easier than ever at this studio that promotes healthy living. Although it’s not branded as power yoga, Soham Yoga Studio is well known for it’s focus on long-term goals and structured program that will help you shed those pounds. If you’re looking to change your lifestyle as well as getting some fun exercise, Soham Yoga is the place to visit.

With a belief in holistic development and great facilities, this studio offers many types of Yoga to help you get fit. Classes start at INR 200 a session. Personal trainers and group classes are also offered at great prices.

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