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3 Instgrammable Drinks At Phoenix Market City You Cannot Miss

Friends, looking for places that will glorify your Gram and give you the right kind of happy high? If you’re in Viman Nagar, we got you covered.  We found you 3 Instagrammable drinks that are both potent and beautiful.

We don’t really have to mention how Social is the go-to place for a party or post those long working hours. We came across this insane looking drink called the Bob's Bong (INR 630*) whose appearance and taste will blow your mind. Made using five spirits – vodka, gin, tequila, rum, triple sec, blue curacao and red bull (to give you wings) is served in a bong which doubles up the fun quotient. Next time you head there, try it.

Cuba Libre has to be every millennial favourite spot to party on a budget. Comfy terrace seating, live music, and extremely pretty looking cocktails will make its way to your Instagram. The Berry Spice Punch, for INR 580*, is made using vodka, veer, Blueberry, Tobasco & lime, giving it the right texture and flavour.

The exposed brick walls, high tables, funny clever drinking quotes, big screens for football match screenings, a dab of Irish green decor and a well-stocked long bar makes The Irish House at Viman Nagar awesome. The Bohemian Queen, priced at INR 545*, consists of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec & raspberry extract, and beer.

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