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Twirl Your Way Into Pune's Only Ballet Academy In Kalyani Nagar


The Pamtoes Ballet Academy in Kalyani Nagar and Baner will make dreams come true for every ballet enthusiast in the city.

What Makes It Awesome?

Teaching both, kids and adults, this academy is the first and only ballet academy that’ll teach you the dance form from the beginning to the end. Rohan Sable and Pam Alfrado being the head teacher and founder of Pamtoes Academy, started it two years back when they realised the need for it. In order to start out, you need to learn the basics, for which you can choose from the 3 divisions i.e., Children {3 to 8 years}, Students {6 years or above} and adults {14 years or above}.

There’s also a one year program for aspiring ballet teachers. The only criteria being that the student needs to be 18 years or above with prior dance background. You needn’t worry about the attire and other necessary gear because Pamtoes provides it all.


 The academy also actively participates in national competitions. Make sure you get that exposure too. 

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