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Got 'Em Moves Like Jagger? Learn Ballet, B-Boying & More From These Dance Classes

Some wise man once said, ‘Dancing is like dreaming with your feet’ and we couldn’t have agreed more. Whether it’s ballet or ballroom or kathak, every dance form is magical in its own way. For all those who aspire to be on stage, under the limelight, we at LBB, have penned down the best dance classes in Pune.

The aim here, is to revolutionise Latin dancing in the country. Started by Bhavin Shukla and Soonruta Kothadia in 2015, Latin Dreamers Dance Project grooms and polishes your passion for salsa. The dance classes are divided in to two – Salsa Intermdiate Classes and the Salsa Advanced Open Classes for INR 300 per hour.The Salsa All Access Class, exclusively for members, come for INR 3,500/month and INR 8,000/quarter.

Started by Rohan Sable and Pam Alfrado, about two years ago, Pamtoes Academy in Kalyani Nagar and Baner is the first and only ballet school in Pune, that’ll teach you the dance form from beginning till the end. There are three batches for children and a one year programme for adults with prior dance background. The fees can vary between INR 3,000 and INR 5,000 depending on what course you choose.

Situated in Mayur Colony near Kothrud, Footloose Dancing Academy is for those who want to learn pro-street-dancing including B-Boying, crumping, lyrical hiphop, flexing and floating. They have dance classes twice a week and charges INR 900 every month for a three-month detailed course.

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