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Where's The Party Tonight? A Guide To The Top 10 Night Clubs In Pune

In the humdrum of life, when all of us need an occasional breather, a night to let ourselves go a little, break away from a desktop lifestyle, put on some dancing shoes and let the tension flow away with the beat. So if you’re looking for the best places to dance your heads off at, here are our top 10 picks!

If you’re a party animal, Mi-a-mi is the place to be! No questions asked. Housed in the JW Marriott, the vibe at this place is unbeatable which makes it our top pick if you want to let loose. They play some great commercial music, EDM, Bollywood hits and have a pretty big dance floor. The DJs never disappoint and we thought the staff was really professional and their service was impeccable.

Do keep in mind though that they usually only allow couples to the floor so do make a call before you take that cab!

Next on our list, is Penthouze, a bar and casual dining place located in Mundhwa. There’s a floor as well as a lounge, so if you’re looking to for a chill vibe, a refined crowd and some pretty interiors, do check this out. They have a really attractive bar and serve sheesha, and even if it’s a little on the expensive side, your sort-of-claustrophobic friends will totally love that it’s on a rooftop. We sure did!

A fine dining restaurant with a great floor as well as a lounge, this is the place to go if you’re looking to pamper yourself for a night! The music will pump you up even on a blue day and the food will pamper your taste buds. The dance floor is open to air which makes it super in the kind of weather we’re having in the city right now. Again, Stonewater Grill is relatively highly priced but like we said, it’s worth the experience you’ll end up having! The classiness of the interiors, a refined crowd and a lovely ambience will keep you coming back here, like they did with us.

Located slightly ahead of the Westin Hotel, another popular Puneri haunt for a night of fun, Euriska has a cool vibe, azure lights and an impressive ambience that is probably among the best on offer in Pune. There is a very sincere effort to create a Greek experience that we really appreciate and the crowds are usually mature/corporate so if you’re looking for a chilled-out foot tapping sort of night, do check this place out. Also, on most weekends, the music makes a shift to the techno end of the spectrum that’ll surely make you groove to the mood.

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