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Food & Drinks
Food & Drinks
3 May
location Boteco
Food & Drinks
Food & Drinks
28 Apr
location The Square - Novotel

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Drool Over Fresh South Indian Flavours In Pune

What's Happening

Dig into a delicious range of authentic south Indian flavours at South House, this summer. 

South House is known for their crazy combs of south and north dishes and this summer, they have got South Indian thalis ready to welcome their customers. The best part about this festival is that it's not just restricted to vegetarian food but also has authentic non-vegetarian food. Did this heat get bearable or what?  

How's The Venue

South House is of the few authentic south Indian restaurants in Pune that serves alcohol and too at affordable rates.   

Price Includes

Thaali for one 


Try their butter chicken dosa while you're here.

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