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Bookmark These Animal Shelters In Pune To Help A Furry Friend

We all love animal, don't we? Animal shelters have played a vital role in helping out our friends in distress. The next time you see any animal injured, abused or neglected, feel free to contact these animal shelters:

This dedicated NGO loves to keep a low-profile. Focusing on promoting animal safety and well-being, this NGO relentlessly works towards rescuing of animals and curbing the animal abuse. Call on their helpline number, in case you see a street dog that needs help. Apart from providing them with food, care, shelter, they also put these beings up for adoption. They also collaborate with other social organisations, hold charity events as well as fundraisers.

Next time you see a bird injured, a dog being tortured or any hapless animal in labour, don't waste a time and call this centre, which extensively works for animal protection and medical rehabilitation. Situated on Paud-Mulshi road near Chandni Chowk, ResQ Charitable Trust is one of the oldest and well-known animal shelter hubs of the city who foster care for sick and injured animals.

This popular animal rescue and adoption agency is located opposite Kumar Pacific mall on Shankar Sheth Road. The non-profit organisation holds rescue and adoption drives across the city and reaches out immediately in case of any help needed for animal rescue. Refer to their social media pages for postings about adoptions.

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