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Vanilla, Jackfruit & Cheesecake: Pune's got ice-cream for all palates. Know the best places to grab the perfect scoop of ice-cream in Pune.


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I Scream, You Scream: 10 Best Ice-Creams In Pune You Must Try

Who doesn’t love a scoop of goodness? In summers, it helps beat the heat. At other times, it makes your day. There are so many ice-cream shops in Pune – some old, some gourmet and many others who’re just serving lovely little scoops. Grab them all, we say.

The U.S. brand of ice-cream offers a variety of smoothies, shakes, ice creams, and ice cream cakes to choose from. Try the carnival blue with crushed Oreo and Kit Kat; or opt for the peanut butter cup perfection.

Located on MG road opposite Aurora Towers, this small parlour is very good at what they serve. You’ll be spoilt for choice with their ice cream waffles, bubble waffles, smoking biscuits, dragon breath poppers and whatnot. They do a lot of fun stuff with ice-creams, so don’t give this a miss.

Run by three teenagers, this little cart on Koregaon Park’s north main road is open in the evenings on weekends only. We hear the unicorn ice cream is one of their bestsellers and comprises bubblegum flavours with sprinkles and gems. Coffee lovers, we think their white mocha with chocolate sprinkles is worth a try.

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