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Mumbai’s Gaming Bar Has Arrived In Pune & Its Happy Hours Are The Happiest


Mumbai’s first gaming bar is now set to open in Pune. Located in Kalyani Nagar’s Mariplex Mall, MRP or My Regular Price is where you can go for affordable drinks and food. And, get drunk on a game of beer pong, jenga and a host of other drinking games. We got a peek into what the bar looks like and what it’ll offer once it opens its doors.

What Makes It Awesome?

Pay as little as INR 150 for cocktails between 6-to-9pm. MRP’s happy hours will truly make you happier. The prices are minimal, so you can easily order multiple rounds of drinks at a much lower price before the clock strikes 9. 

The bar is divided into an open air and an indoor space. The entrance is designed like a red telephone booth and you’re welcomed with a black bar where lights hang off ropes. And, light fixtures across the open-air area resemble a blow horn. The interiors are a little dim, but across walls you’ll find a mural designed like a game. 

The bar also has board games like cards against humanity, social humour, sequence and others that you can pick up and play while you’re spending an evening drinking with your group. And, they have an offer every day of the week. They have corporate nights on Monday, retro night on Tuesdays, karaoke and quiz nights every alternate Wednesday, Bollywood nights on Thursday, bar nights on Friday and Saturday. And, they are introducing Sunday drunch, which will also have a host entertaining you with drinking games through the afternoon.  

Each table has a set of cards and ping-pong balls in case you’d want to play beer pong. There are ample games to play while you drink and eat. You can sip on house cocktails like Feng Shui Pot and if you’re not into drinking, order mocktails at INR 90 during happy hours. 

The food menu is similar to the Mumbai bar, barring a few dishes. In the Pune outlet, you can sample chicken satay, fish plum sauce, habanero cottage cheese. If you want something more filling, opt for their woks that mostly have Indian flavours like Goan peri peri paneer or chicken, Malabar coast paneer or chicken. Or opt for something more Mexican like quesadillas like corn bean jalapeno, chipotle chicken. You could also order up sliders like kidney bean slider, barbeque lamb and others. And if you’re one to have a sweet tooth, order the Jenga tower, which uses brownie bars as jenga pieces or stick to churros. 

A meal for two will cost you INR 1000 as you’ll always have great deals on alcohol.


You can save more if you order all your drinks for the night by 9pm.

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