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Click & Capture: Photography Classes You Can Join In Pune

Love using a camera and the visuals it captures? Want to be an expert behind the lense? Hone your photography skills by learning photography by joining these courses or classes. Some are photography schools while others are independent photography instructors that conduct classes or workshops.

Master the art of photography at Pixavince Creations, who are experts in teaching the same. They have short as well as long term courses, which you can sign-up for. Few of their short-term courses include the weekend 2 and 8 session course respectively. They also offer a 2-month professional course for those who wish to pursue it as a career. They cover various heads such as portraits, fashion, events, glassware, landscape etc.

MIT School of Photography in Kothrud runs an academic course along with several short-term courses and workshops for those who want to acquire basic knowledge of photography. Is photography your passion? Join their 'Introduction to Digital Photography' workshop. If you are already working, they also provide part-time diploma courses.

Novices in the field, hear us out! Chaitanya Institute of Media & Photography collaborates with hip places of Pune and holds fun, beginner training workshops. These sessions are an amalgamation of introduction and importance of mass media, the anatomy of a camera, visual techniques and ideation. The basic 3-day workshop costs around INR 999.

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