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Rustic Escape: Experience The Farm-Life & Hurda Parties At This Place

What Makes It Awesome

Are you exhausted after a tiring week of all work and no play? Want to find a unique way to relax? We have got a suggestion for you and you are surely gonna love it. Take a break from the city life and experience farm lifestyle at the mini agriculture cum recreational spot in Mukund Nagar. The Rural Door is the place to be if you are craving for a rustic getaway and nice hurda party with your near and dear ones. Wondering what this place is all about? Let us explain. This space amidst the city has been converted into a farm-like setting where you can experience a rustic lifestyle. At INR 499 per person, you can enter the place and enjoy traditional music, have rustic food like hurda-based dishes and other spicy delicacies. What's Hurda you ask? Well, it is a type of millet grain that is extremely healthy and delicious. Gorge on delicious Hurda-based dishes such as Hurda usal, Hurda bhel, bhaji etc beside a bonfire and taste fruits and berries with salts and spices. Be a part of fun games and activities that are separately arranged for adults as well as kids. If your tiny tots are accompanying you, they can enjoy games, kids activities, fun-frolic and yummy treats only at INR 399. We love this refreshing concept as it adds fun and a tinge of rustic charm in our drab lives. Experience hurda parties and make memories with your loved ones. What's a better way of spending your December before the year ends?

What Could Be Better

The setting is rustic and we are waiting for them to start serving proper authentic food.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000

Best To Go With

Family, Big Group, Kids

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