Ashlyne posted on 18th July

Pet's Day Out! Take Your Dogs & Cats To These Extremely Pet-Friendly Cafes In Pune

Ten-Second Takeaway

Tired of leaving your four-legged friend behind? Now he/she can also be part of the fun at these five amazing places in Pune that are extremely pet friendly.

Where Else Café

With a special menu for pets, everyone is in for a treat at Where Else! Patrons can bring their pets along to the café, where they can interact freely with the two in-house cats.

Café Joshua

Café Joshua offers an all-inclusive menu, including meals like hot dogs and other veggie options for your furry friend. With plenty of toys to keep them company, they are sure to enjoy themselves, while you enjoy your delicious meal here.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

The Flour Works

Head on over and make your acquaintance with Sir Montgomery, the resident dog here! The restaurant is very welcoming of pets, so welcoming that even a few strays frequent the establishment. Although they don’t have a special pets menu, they do serve miscellaneous dry and wet food.


A sprawling forest, boiled eggs and chicken on request, what more do you need? Enjoy a delightful Sunday brunch, amidst nature at Cocoparra with your furry pal.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Café Two’s and Four’s

Pamper yourself and your furry friend at Café Two’s and Four’s. Thanks to their lush green backyard and pet friendly menu including delicious treats like peanut cookies, pupcakes and pupsicles, this is the place to be.